Home training applications are an excellent way to move when you can’t reach the gym. However, it can be difficult to know what your time is worth. Both the App Store and the Google Play Store have applications to help boost your versatility and health at home, but only trained practitioners with a strong understanding of what makes training healthy and successful are the best.

Top Workout Apps For Android

Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel is mainly a yoga app, but it is also filled with tools for improved sleep sanitation and other lifestyle activities. You need to register for an account and enter some information about yourself, as with most home exercise applications. You are expected to lose weight it helps you reach a target but you can still do the same as your current weight.

Although you can download and search the app for free via its various yoga lessons, it needs an additional subscription to access all of them. This will also help you to start meditation, regular reminders, and guided meditations to better sleep.


In certain home training sessions, Aaptif uses videos to show you what you can do, so you don’t have to push your phone or tablet and look on your computer in the middle of the action. This even has approved songs, so you don’t have to think about setting up a playlist in another program.

You will be asked to set a target and include a little detail on your current health and training patterns as soon as you log in. You will also be told which equipment you have access to so that only training that you can do with what you have is recommended.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club provides an incredible collection of free products, as opposed to the branding of the sportswear store – and this is another amazing feature beyond the branding. Neither is there a paying level; everything is totally safe. Registration is easy and you will be given a helpful set of workouts that can match your needs after entering a few details about yourself and your current level about the operation. Can’t you see what you want? What did you want? You can also browse a muscle group or type of training options.

So, these are some of the top workout apps for Android. Apart from the apps mentioned here, there are several other apps as well. We hope that the provided information has been of help to you.

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