You’ll appreciate my top list of practical education technology update  if you’re like me and working towards a degree.

Go to the electronic textbook.

Since I have been working with adults for several years now, I have noticed many students insisting on paper textbooks, but I have confidence that electronic textbooks are cheaper, immediately available and downloadable to many devices. You can note and bookmark them as a hard copy. You will highlight them. It’s an unbelievably long time to write research papers, which can also perform keyword searches.

Have a backup.

I thought it would be a good idea to upgrade my seven-Year-old laptop’s operating system during my first online class. I didn’t know very much that my laptop would leave a shiny paper weight with all its features. I freaked to say the least. In just a couple of days and absolutely no easy way to complete it, I had a paper and discussions board. Fortunately, the IT service here in Marian came with a loaner to my rescue. That next weekend, I had my mine repaired and bought one new. I got my lesson and a backup computer.

Use your smartphone actually.

Smartphones allow us to access course documents from anywhere with the cellular service, such as e-books, lectures, articles and discussion boards. Translate your time of waiting into extra mini-studies. If the soccer practice of the kid takes long, the doctor’s office will run behind schedule or your oil will be changed, your earbuds will be placed in and focused to progress by logging in.

Make use of discounts for students!

I’m not talking here about saving a few bucks for museum admission, but about saving a lot more on hardware and software. Whether you want an affordable new port, iPad or the latest software for photo editing

Take your grammar to the next level.

It’s been 20 years since I took an English course when I returned to school. I’ve been writing to Google and found out there are many great tools. Grammar is the one that I regularly use. Grammar checks my rotographing, suggests grammar errors and even looks for accidental plagiarism. It’s cloud-based, so I can connect to any computer and write where I left off.

Go to high tech on an online learning site with your training.

Complete your studies by immersing yourself in top software or interest systems., Udemy, Codecademy and other on-line learning sites offer professional video instructions with transcripts and files to digest at your own pace. Find your own learning site and take advantage of the wealth of knowledge.

Thank you for your time.

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